What is the Lions Council?

St. Johns Classical Academy’s mission is to build intelligent, virtuous American citizens. With your commitment you create a community where administrators, faculty and staff can do their best work and provide support for our scholars inside and outside of the classroom by providing the resources they need.
The Lions Council is a 501c3 stewardship organization intended to engage parents in support of the Headmaster, the faculty, and the administration in carrying out the mission of the academy. Its objectives include:

  • Educating parents and the community about the academy and the differences between it and ordinary public school
  • Encouraging family and friends of St. Johns Classical Academy to show their support through volunteering and donations

Meet like minded individuals who share your concerns. We all have a common bond. We care about creating the best possible educational experience for our scholars. We are neighbors and peers who share many of the same experiences. ​We are working with our families and community in order to create a stronger connection to SJCA, our virtues, our mission and our vision. Research shows that building parent and community involvement in education helps to create a great school. Lions Council Meeting Minutes are available upon request, please contact the Lions Council Secretary.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Lions Council monthly meetings. For the 2023-24 school year the meetings will be held at STJCA at 6 p.m. on the following dates. Monday, August 7; Monday, September 11; Monday, October 2, Monday; November 6 (Bi-Annual General Members Meeting and State of the School Address); Monday, December 4; Monday, January 8; Monday, February 5; Monday, March 4; Monday, April 1 (Elections / Bi-Annual General Members Meeting and Town Hall meeting); Monday, April 29 (Committee Chair Appointments for 2024-25 school year) and Monday, June 3.  

Chairman, Nicole Chapman


Secretary, Jessica Skapetis


Communications, Lisa McEwen


Finance Director, Melissa Taylor